Nappresan /The Dummy adventure

Author: Ylva Karlsson Illustrator: Katarina Strömgård Published by Rabén & Sjögren

It is time for Ester to stop using her dummies, or at least her parents think so. Before they leave the cottage to go back home to the city, Ester throws them in the garbage bin. All three of them.
But at night, when in her bed, the darkness is so very dark that Ester wakes up. She has to get her dummies back!
Her toy kangaroo comes to life and together they set off into the night to find her dummies and bring them back home!

Press voices”‘The Dummy Adventure’ is a fantastical and beautiful story that takes seriously both childhood sadness and the healing power of the imagination. The blue night grows warm, and the journey adventurous and comforting, with Katarina Strömgård’s soft touch.” Norra Skåne

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