Kerstin series

Where the asphalt road ends and the gravel road begins, that’s where Kerstin lives. She is six years old and loves gold. 105 golden things are in a box underneath her bed. The nicest and most golden thing about Kerstin is her hair. It truly sparkles. Fatima says that Kerstin’s hair is orange, but it’s not true. The latest addition to Kerstin’s collection is a small ring that she found on the floor at school. When her teacher Lottie asks if anyone has seen her wedding ring, not a peep comes out of Kerstin’s mouth. And then it’s too late.

A story of tangled secrets, friendship, and the best thing about being Kerstin.

The best thing about Kerstin / Det fina med Kerstin is the first book in the Kerstin series, written by Helena Hedlund. The first book was awarded Slangbellan, a prize for best children’s book debut.